‘The Fall’ season 3: It begins again for Jamie Dornan, Gillian Anderson

Fans of “The Fall” have certainly waited patiently for the beginning of the third season. Depending on where you are more than a year has passed since you saw the beginning of season 2, and since that time curiosity has increased exponentially for the show. Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson have been in the headlines for other projects, and we can only hope that this brings more people around to checking out this brilliant series.

Based on the post on Twitter below from the show’s official account, season 3 is underway! Production will likely continue in Belfast for many months, and from here the only mystery that remains is when the show is going to precisely premiere. Our guess is that we will have a summer / fall premiere on BBC Two / RTE, and it will be in America on Netflix at some point a couple of months later. Because of the way Netflix programs, it is impossible for the show to launch simultaneously to it overseas.

The third season is going to pick off presumably where season 2 left off with Dornan’s Paul Spector nearly dying, and from here we will see where the investigation takes Anderson’s Stella Gibson. Many other familiar faces are also set to return, and the story continues to be in the hands of the extremely-capable Allan Cubitt.

As soon as there are some other updates to share on “The Fall,” rest assured that we’ll have them for you here in the future.