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The gallery has been updated with recent events, including some promotion for Sex Education with co-star Asa Butterfield, and the Argentina Comic-Con (the first time Gillian had attended – be sure to check out the site twitter for additional images & clips of the panels!) Many thanks to my friends Holly & Claudia for their help. Enjoy the new additions!

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Nov 19: #SheInspiresMe Auction In Support Of Women For Women International
Dec 5: Celebrities Visit SiriusXM
Dec 7: Argetina Comic-Con – Press Conference
Dec 7: Argetina Comic-Con – Panel

Gillian to Attend FACTS Comic-Con

Gillian shall be appearing at the Belgian Comic-Con, named FACTS, next month! She will be available for photoshoots, signings & panels on both days — April 7-8, 2018 — in Flanders Expo Ghent. Head on over to the official website to get your tickets!

Fun fact: The X-Files and FACTS are both turning 25 this year, so this will be an extra special occasion!

Dragon Con 2016: Gillian Anderson talks Dana Scully, equal pay for women

As soon as Gillian Anderson took her seat on the dais, she had a question for the audience: “Someone told me to ask you about Waffle House,” she said, drawing knowing laughs from the assembled super fans.

Though Anderson has the type of career that spawns head shakes and “How does she do all of that,” –type comments given her recent role on “Hannibal,” in the British crime drama “The Fall” (returning this year to Netflix) and on stage for a rave-earning performance as Blanche DuBois in a recent Brooklyn revival of “A Streetcar Named Desire,” she’ll never shake Special Agent Dana Scully, the beloved science-minded skeptic on “The X-Files.”

At her Dragon Con appearance Sunday – which filled the ballroom at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel to its capacity of 2,000 – Anderson was humorous and thoughtful as she fielded questions from the crowd.

A few fans asked about “The Fall” (“Stella reveals a little bit (about herself). I think it’s enough,” she said of that stoic detective) and her favorite character to play (more on that in a moment). But most wanted “X-Files” scoop.

Anderson shared that the best thing about returning to the series for this year’s run of episodes was, “working with David (Duchovny) again in the new incarnation of our friendship…which is enjoyable.”

One of her favorite “X-Files” episodes to shoot was “Bad Blood” in season five (1998): “Having Luke Wilson with us, that was a fun episode to do,” she said (during her 45-minute Q&A session, Anderson also reminded fans that a young Ryan Reynolds guested on the show in 1996. “I must not have been filming that day,” she joked as she struggled to remember the episode – it was “Syzygy” from season three).

Anderson also spoke candidly about the nervousness and stress she still feels the first day on any set or stage. When asked how she felt, at only 24 and a self-described acting novice, on her first day at “The X-Files,” she said, “Probably exactly the same way I feel the first day of anything – petrified.”

She never thought about Dana Scully becoming a feminist role model, but is proud of the character’s enduring impact.

“I was 24 at the time of Scully and SO self-obsessed. I didn’t even know what it meant for a series to be ‘picked up,’ never mind ‘picked up’ for eternity!”

Anderson also didn’t shirk from a question about equal pay for women – a cause she has been vocal about.

“There was a point when I started to get a fee closer to David’s because we were literally equally successful and that was a struggle to get there,” she said. “When the first feature (“X-Files” film) came around, I was offered half of his pay and I said no…it happened again in the last series. It doesn’t make sense. But I think because there is so much attention on it – Meryl Streep and Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Lawrence all shined a timely light on something that has existed a long time. Knowing people who are in the area of making those decisions, it’s complicated. The idea of equality, it’s a very big issue. At the very least, people in position to make those decisions are looking to make changes.”

As for that favorite character, Anderson pondered the question for a few seconds and then answered, “If Blanche (DuBois) weren’t so nuts…!” She shared a story about how she grieved the character after the show ended its New York run, crying as if someone had died.

“Stella (from ‘The Fall’) resides in my life somewhere. Scully resides in my life somewhere. There is no room for Blanche,” she said with a laugh. “I never had that experience, saying goodbye to a character, so that must mean she was meaningful.”


Wizard World Comic Con Chicago

Gillian is taking part to the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago these days and we’ve got over 40 HQ images added to the gallery from The X-Files panel she attended with David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi. Take a look!

Dragon Con 2016: Gillian Anderson among the lineup

Karl Urban, Alan Tudyk, Gillian Anderson and William Shatner will dazzle Dragon Con-ers this fall at the annual downtown gathering of all things gloriously geeky.

The top name stars are just a handful of the dozens of familiar names from TV, movies, comics and music that will help Dragon Con celebrate its 30th anniversary Sept. 2-5 at host hotels including the Hyatt Regency and Marriott Marque Atlanta.

Last year, more than 65,000 fans attended the ever-expanding convention.

Tudyk, known for the show “Firefly” and his web series “Con Man,” will play the droid K-2SO in “Rogue One,” the upcoming “Star Wars” movie due in December.

Urban, regarded for his role as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the reboots of the “Star Trek” movie series, is also recognized as horserider Eomer in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, as well as the title character in 2012’s comic book adaptation, “Dredd.”

Anderson is not only beloved as Agent Dana Scully, who returned with her deadpan partner-in-crime Fox Mulder in this year’s revisit of “The X-Files,” but also stars in the acclaimed British crime drama, “The Fall” (available here on Netflix).

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Gillian Anderson of ‘X-Files’ announced as guest for FanX in Salt Lake City

The X-Files and FanX are coming together in Salt Lake City this spring, as following the six-episode reboot of the hit show, Gillian Anderson will be in Salt Lake City to meet fans.

Dan Farr, President and founder of Salt Lake Comic Con, made the announcement Friday on FOX 13 News.

Anderson will star in a six-episode reboot of the X-Files set to air on FOX 13 beginning in January. Later, she will be a guest at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, which is scheduled for March 24-26 at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Farr said the fan base in the Beehive State helps them attract celebrity guests to FanX.

“One of the things that’s happened here because the fans are so great here in Utah, our reputation is preceding us in a big way, and there’s a lot of people who reach out to us and say ‘Hey, so-and-so is interested in coming to your show,” Farr said.


Fan Expo Sunday with Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson, best known for her role as Agent Scully on X-Files, revealed that Chris Carter fought for her to get the role in the series. She mentioned that she felt pretty “cool” about playing one of the first strong, independent female characters on television and in essence, paving the way for more strong female roles to be created.

She did admit that when she heard X-Files was coming back, she wasn’t thrilled, because working on 24 episodes per year was a lot. However, with the show shortened to six episodes, it only took three months to film them. She confirmed they will be separate episodes and not a long story arc and hinted that we might find out the truth about Scully’s abduction. Moving on to her new series, she said the character from The Fall was written with her in mind. She spoke fondly of her co-star, Jamie Dornan, saying he was sweet, funny and has an amazing singing voice. Finally, she revealed she’s off to India in a few weeks to film the movie Viceroy’s House.