42nd Annual Saturn Award Voting Opportunity

I’ve got this mail sent to me so I’m reporting it to you as I got it:

Greetings fellow Genre Entertainment Enthusiast,

The 42nd Annual Saturn Awards will be announcing our NOMINATIONS for
the Best in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Film & Television on a
special streaming event on Wednesday, February 24th at 9:00am Pacific
Time (PT) on our YouTube Channel:
https://www.youtube.com/c/OfficialSaturnAwardsChannel. We invite you
to watch the nominations and then a discussion with panelists. See if
your favorites are nominated!

As fans and devotees of the genre, you can then go to our website:
www.SaturnAwards.org where we are offering a special membership for
the next few months which will allow you to VOTE for your favorite
actors, actresses, movies and TV shows, so please join, tell your
friends & fans and spread the word — !!!

The Saturn Awards (and Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror)
was founded in 1972 by noted film historian Dr. Donald A. Reed to
honor and recognize films often overlooked by mainstream awards. These
are the Films and TV shows that we all know and love — and its our
mission to honor and acknowledge the many talents that entertain and
enlighten us!

· Official Website: http://www.saturnawards.org/
· YouTube Channel:
· Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Saturn-Awards-10775127663/
· Twitter: https://twitter.com/saturnawards1
· Email: officialsaturnawards@gmail.com

So go ahead and grab your chance to vote for Gillian, if you can.