‘The X-Files’ Season 8 Captures – Part 2

The gallery has been updated with the second batch of blu-ray captures from season 8 of The X-Files, thus making this season complete; links & previews are below, enjoy!

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8×18 – Vienen Captures
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8×21 – Existence Captures

Gillian Anderson among stars lined up for ‘unrehearsed’ play

Actors including Gillian Anderson, Joanna Lumley, Meera Syal, Jim Broadbent and Damian Lewis are to appear on stage in a murder mystery where their lines will be fed to them through an earpiece.

The Park Theatre in north London has revealed details of an eye-catching play in which one of the main characters will be played by a series of actors who have had no rehearsal, direction or access to the script.

Whodunnit (Unrehearsed) will feature a different guest performer each night. Other names so far are Catherine Tate, Juliet Stevenson, Maureen Lipman, Ruby Wax, Tim Vine, John Bishop, Clive Anderson, Simon Callow, Ronan Keating, Marcus Brigstocke and Gyles Brandreth.

After a two-week run in London in July, the concept will be repeated at the Edinburgh Fringe in August with more guest performers yet to be announced.

Gillian Anderson said the theatre, which gets no public subsidy, needed to raise more than £250,000 a year just to keep the doors open.

“The monies raised from this production’s higher ticket prices will support their core ambition to present accessible theatre over the coming years and to further their work with the local community,” she said. “A number of £10 day tickets will also be available. I do hope people will come and enjoy, and reap the benefit of supporting this fantastic cause.”

Audiences will not know in advance which guest actor they will see. Other actors in the company will have rehearsed the play, which will also feature the pre-recorded voices of Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Judi Dench.

Each guest actor will be fed their lines through an earpiece and will endeavour to solve the crime, set in an isolated manor, in real time.

Vine said he was looking forward to a “unique theatrical experience”. He said: “To be honest, I’m often on stage with no idea what I’m supposed to be doing and a strange voice in my head, so this ought to be a piece of cake.”

All the guest actors are giving their time gratis. The theatre’s artistic director, Jez Bond, said: “We’re very fortunate that the leading actors in our country understand the power and importance of smaller-scale theatres and the challenges they face.”

Source: The Guardian

Press: Gillian Anderson on wiping off the makeup and getting real in ‘All About Eve’

Early on in the London stage production of “All About Eve,” Gillian Anderson’s Margo Channing removes her stage makeup in a bright dressing room mirror. As she swipes away the layers, Anderson’s face is projected in close-up on massive video screens, which magnify the actual lines and dark circles under her eyes.

It’s a moment of realization for the audience: This is no straightforward production. This is a story about seeing the truth in ourselves.

“A couple people have said, ‘You’re so brave,’ ” said Anderson, sitting in her basement dressing room at the Noel Coward Theatre. “So much of what we see of people these days is Photoshopped and filtered, so the fact that I’m allowing the audience to see all the nooks and crannies of my face is unusual. And I hadn’t thought about that until someone said it. I didn’t feel brave in doing it, at all.”

Anderson arrived at the role of Margo, the aging theater diva faced with a diminishing career and a potential rival in her young assistant, Eve Harrington (Lily James), by happenstance. Anderson’s boyfriend, writer Peter Morgan (“The Crown,” “Frost/Nixon”), had suggested she look into whether the 1950 Bette Davis-Anne Baxter film had ever been translated to the stage when she discovered theater director Ivo van Hove was already adaptating Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s screenplay.

“I was trying to find out what his plans were for how he was going to cast it,” Anderson recalled. “Then I found out that Cate Blanchett was doing it, and so I slowly backed into the shadows and thought, ‘Man, do I want to see that.’ ”

Blanchett, it would turn out, had a scheduling conflict. Anderson signed on, and her thoughtful performance has earned her a lead actress nomination for the Olivier Awards on Sunday.

The recognition comes despite the fact that the cast, which includes Monica Dolan and Julian Ovenden, had just four weeks to rehearse. Actors were instructed to arrive off-book on Day 1. There was almost no discussion of the text, so Anderson slowly worked out Margo’s mindset and motivations along the way, well into previews in early February. Part of the challenge was working with a camera crew that filmed the stage action live to be projected on the aforementioned video screens. (Van Hove did something similar in last year’s adaptation of “Network.”)

“I wasn’t nervous about the cameras, but what was very clear when we started out was that none of us quite knew what it was that we had,” Anderson said. “I know that’s always slightly the case because one’s never in the audience looking back, but for some reason with this I think we didn’t quite know how it fit together, or whether it all fit together, or what it was that we had until we’d been doing it properly for a while. And then something seeped in and we understood it.”

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‘The X-Files’ Season 8 Captures – Part 1

The gallery has been updated with the first batch of blu-ray captures from season 8 of The X-Files; links & previews are below, enjoy!

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‘All About Eve’ Press Night & Stills

The gallery has been updated with HQ images from All About Eve from the recent press night & after party, as well as the opening night curtain call– many thanks to Lora for some of these. I’ve also added some gorgeous additional stills. Enjoy!

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