Radiant Gillian Anderson
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Ever wonder what an A-list actress depends on to keep herself looking beautiful at all times? We caught up with Gillian Anderson to get the scoop on what she can’t be without, how she deals with the effects of aging and her secret to that incredible body!

Skin-Care Savior: “Even with all the fancy creams I’ve been gifted over the years, once I started seeing that my skin was suffering, I began to pay more attention to it. I started using a mixture over the years of Clinique and Estée Lauder. It’s not a huge part of my life, but I’ve began making an attempt to use some of the stuff that’s out there. And you know, I think it works. I think my skin definitely feels better.”

Color Confession: “My hair usually gets dyed depending on which character I’m playing. Lately I’ve been blond. It’s been a long time since I was a redhead. I don’t think when I was a redhead (back in the day) that I felt particularly sexy. I don’t and can’t do my hair myself. I’ve never been able to use irons or hairdryers or anything. If I want it to look nice in any way, shape or form, I go somewhere and have somebody else do it.”

Moisture Must-Have: “There’s a Clinique Moisture Surge Gel, which is kind of extraordinary for application in the afternoon, if you’re starting to feel like you’re drying up and need some hydration.”

Beauty Staple: “I’m pretty dependent on Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer—I rely on it—that’s a staple. It feels natural, moisturizing, smooth and silky and gives great coverage without making it feel like I’m wearing anything. That’s a pretty big statement for me.”

My Biggest Beauty Mistake: “When I haven’t really paid attention to what my hair and makeup people are doing and the car is waiting outside and I don’t really have time to fix it at the last minute. That’s happened plenty of times.”

Worst Habit: “There are tons of them. Choosing to not exercise or meditate on any particular day is not good for me. I often opt to stay busy instead of doing these things. And, drinking Coca-Cola—I know it’s not good for me, but I drink it anyway.”

I Feel Good About Myself When…: “I’m doing all the things I know are good for self-care. When I get enough sleep, meditate, eat healthfully and have a balance in my life between work, family and friends and have cultural intellectual stimulation—it’s a lot to ask. But, when that balance is right, I probably feel the most fulfilled and the happiest.”

Morning Ritual: “I start my day with meditation. Even just waking up a few minutes before my kids wake up to center my head. It makes a big difference.”

Diet Debate: “I’ve always been interested in the raw food diet but I’ve been told by a couple people that it’s not particularly good for women. I like the idea of eating that clean; that appeals to me. But, I’ve never been brave enough to actually try it for any period of time. When it comes to my diet, I usually stay away from high carbs. I also do occasional yoga.”

For more of Gillian’s beauty secrets, pick up the latest issue of NewBeauty, on stands June 28. 


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Actors Gillian Anderson and Bill Nighy on stage during a memorial event for murdered Labour MP Jo Cox at Trafalger Square on June 22, 2016 in London, United Kingdom. On what would have been her 42nd birthday, Labour MP Jo Cox is remembered worldwide in a series of #moreincommon events today. The Labour MP for Batley and Spen was shot and stabbed in the street on June 16 and later died. A fund set up in her name has raised over £1.23 M GBP to date.

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Gillian Anderson attends JW Marriott Grosvenor House English Summer Garden Party on June 21, 2016 in London, England.

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The gallery was updated with HQ photos of Gillian during yesterday’s Charity Gala Even People, Places & Things. Take a look!

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Every actor has their ways of getting into character, including the Emmy-winning television icon.

On the other end of the phone, near the end of our conversation, Gillian Anderson laughed. “Did you think that your entire interview was going to have to do with hair?”

The answer was no, that had not been the plan. But the topic proved to be surprisingly insightful.

Anderson has been called the Queen of TV upon multiple occasions — such as when, in 2014, she starred on three different series (“Crisis,” “The Fall” and “Hannibal”) while also turning in acclaimed work on the stage as the doomed Blanche of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” IndieWire spoke to her just as she was preparing for “Streetcar’s” New York debut, but the focus was on the role for which she remains best known.

As Special Agent Dana Scully of “The X-Files,” Anderson became one of television’s most iconic characters, inspired an entire generation of young women to pursue careers in science and earned one Emmy win and three nominations. And this spring, she, David Duchovny and series creator Chris Carter once again returned to Fox for a six-episode Season 10.

Returning to the role over a decade after the series had ended, though, wasn’t the easiest thing — especially since, unlike returning to Blanche for “Streetcar,” she was playing the same character in different scenarios. “It’s quite different to go back with text that is kind of ingrained into your system and redo text, that it is going back to a character with a different text. We’re going back to repeat something in its entirety. It’s not just a character I’m repeating. It is moves, it is words, it is everything,” she said.

Returning to Scully was a whole different challenge, especially since instead of dying her hair back to that iconic red for Season 10, she chose to wear a wig — and yes, hair matters much more than you might think.

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Gillian Anderson and Bryan Fuller, reunited again!

Starz announced Friday that Gillian Anderson — she of The X-Files,The Fall, and countless other roles (including Fuller’s beloved cult series, Hannibal) — has joined the ensemble cast of Fuller and Michael Green’s forthcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel, American Gods.

Anderson will play Media, one of — if not the — most visible faces of the New Gods, a group of contemporary deities who go head-to-head with the immigrant old gods (led by Ian McShane’s mysterious Mr. Wednesday) for control of the American heartland. Media thrives off the currency of human attention, growing stronger from the country’s increasing worship of screens, phones, and laptops. She often takes the form of public figures and celebrities (perhaps most memorably in the book, as a perverse Lucille Ball).